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Our Story Disruptive Solutions for Better Business
Our Story

About Us

Our stakeholders take precedent over everything else. Enter Mojay Corporate Services, where we use disruptive innovative solutions across multiple verticals.

We decided on day one that we are going to be patron-focused, because well, if your business goals are never out of our focus, you can use your time to zoom in on how you can further build that business empire you dreamed of.

The enormity of our brand across our various verticals like Technology, Real Estate, F&B, Luxury Limousines, Consulting and Investments means that we can strut some swag about understanding the different needs and requirements of these different industries.

Track Progress

Investing not just your money but also your faith in us tells us that you trust us immensely. It is, therefore, your prerogative to be able to track your project’s progress? Just ask your business buddy.


It is not the journey, but the destination that is important to us too. The reverse is applicable to life’s musings, but when it comes to the corporate world, let’s get real. We all want the results, the money and the targets to be achieved. And achieved fast.

Buzz Sessions

Most genius ideas come either in our REM or in our deep sleep, a higher state of subconsciousness if you will. Of course, we are not suggesting you go to bed to get creative ideas for your business. Come talk to us about your ‘dreams!’

Business Virtues are everything

We play fair and we like to play by the laws and rules. No overstepping boundaries for us. We like to operate with integrity and honesty, and we believe that is the only way forward.

Tweaked just for you

If we can offer you bespoke services for your business, we have hit bull’s eye. Communicating the tiniest detail to us will help us help you achieve your business vision and goals. With your story and our services, it is bound to be bang on target.

Superior Solutions for our Patrons

Any undertaking comes replete with its share of roadblocks along the way. Mojay Corporate Services offers our patrons solutions that will not only eliminate the problem, but hopefully also offer a systemic guide to avoid making errors in the future.

Our Vision

…is to be your Business Buddy, to be a steadfast and credible one-stop shop for all your business needs. We aim to be among the top most comprehensive business formation consultancy firms that delivers quality and reliable information.

Our Mission

We are passionate about your business and its sustained growth. We aim to challenge the stereotypical image of the file pushers of the industry. Instead, we aim to actively engage our patrons with transparent and credible support, along with continuous value addition.

Our Values

Respect: The way we communicate and engage with internal and external stakeholders, Organizational Values, Assets, Rules and Regulations, Colleagues, External Vendors and Our Patrons


  • Anticipate the business needs and be proactive in achieving business goals
  • “Do” rather than “be told to do so”

Stakeholder Delight: Ensure constant delight to our stakeholders that encompass – Employees, Patrons, Owners, Revenue and Profits

Execution Excellence: 

  • Deliver what has been committed
  • “Walk the Talk”

Kaizen: Take responsibility for improving one’s own professional and personal performance to enhance organizational effectiveness and growth

Team Synergy: Combine energy and expertise to achieve a common goal for the business. Its not about individual brilliance but combined and harmonious team work

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