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Mojay Global Network

How Our Members Benefit?

Members of the Mojay Global Network (MGN) will be provided with support, advice as well as guidance in various areas of the business consulting industry, tailored to each members’ needs. Other benefits MGN members will receive include.

1. Information Platform
2. Deal exchange Platform
3. Investment Platform
4. Management consulting Platform

Global Search Of Local Expertise

With operations around the world delivering comprehensive business solutions, we are the global experts who understand local markets. To support and facilitate global ventures of our clients, our dedicated specialists are strategically positioned around the world to take care of all cross border business matters and assist clients to expand and establish their businesses seamlessly where ever they choose to, avoiding any potential pitfalls.

One Stop Shop Support For Your Business

Starting from angel investment round to the legal, financial and management consultancy. 

Offices of each Network network firms have access to competent teams of Expert Management Consultants, Qualified Business Consultants, Chartered Accountants and Licensed Attorneys. They enable clients to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures efficiently. Adam Global can find strategic partners for your business to source materials or sell your products with complete peace of mind all over the world.

Who We Are?

Mojay Global Network

Mojay Global Network is the community of independent legal, management, contusing, strategic and tax planning businesses all over the globe.


To facilitate Cross Border Business\transaction with a single point of contact for Business funding, management consulting support and corporate structuring empowering clients and Mojay Ambassadors with access to.


Connecting the Global business to its future! Inspire the future of business by being the global gateway to international cooperation, new markets entry, and Multidisciplinary Consulting Services.


Consulting companies – a diverse field of consulting.
Companies who are compliant with local legal regulations and standards of quality of Mojay group.

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