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Mojay Ambassador’s Policy

Benefits Mojay Member Mojay Partner Mojay Ambassador
Email Id No Yes Yes
Digital Business Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Material For Various Geographies Services Yes
Service Offering Knowledge Transfers Yes
Tips On Generating More Leads Yes
Tips On Conversion Of Leads Yes
Email Etiquettes Basic Advanced Yes
Call Quality Trainings Basic Advanced Yes
Networking Lessons Basic Advanced Yes
Physical Materials (Business Cards, Brochures etc.) No Yes Yes
Free Event Invitations Yes Yes Yes
Free Promotion No Yes (As ambassador) Yes (As ambassador member)
MOJAY Stickers No Yes Yes
Payment No USD 200 month USD 300 month
Commission Structure 15% on sales 20% on sales Flexible (up to 5% commission on sales done for MOJAY)
Lead Generation No No Yes
Upgrading Option Yes (Performance-based) Yes (Performance-based) Yes (Performance-based)

Ambassador Responsibilities

The Ambassador understands and agrees to the following

  • That Ambassador will promote and sell MOJAY’s Products to Clients by regularly organizing events in the Territory and by tracking leads through the MOJAY CRM
  • Ambassador will publicize the partnership with MOJAY on Ambassador’s website, business card, letterhead paper and social platforms profile(s), please note that only MOJAY has the right to have the domain name with the name MOJAY in it
  • Active involvement in quality improvements, and training calls
  • Regular global (web) meeting participation
  • Active participation in content creation focused on country and service specifics
  • Follow MOJAY guidelines and standards adaptation for client inquiry responses, updations of status, reporting etc.
  • Ambassador will not sell MOJAY’s Products for resale
  • Ambassador will present MOJAY’s Products in a truthful, sincere and honest manner, and Ambassador will conduct its business in a manner that reflects the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of MOJAY Business Group, and Ambassador shall not, by word or deed, imply or express any false or misleading statements about MOJAY or the Products
  • Ambassador will refrain from any violation or undue use of MOJAY’s trademark, trade name or any other Intellectual Property Rightsstated under Section 9 and will not copy any of MOJAY’s materials for use in any advertising without the prior written approval of MOJAY
  • Ambassador is not an employee, agent, partner, franchisee or joint venture of MOJAY. Ambassador cannot sign or execute any contracts on behalf of MOJAY unless MOJAY has given a written authorization to do so. Neither does the Ambassador have the authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability on behalf of MOJAY
  • Ambassador has carefully read and agrees to comply with the MOJAY policies and MOJAY Guidelines and understands that it must be in good standing and will not violate any of the terms written in the MOJAY policies and Guidelines
  • Ambassador is an independent contractor and therefore is responsible for all self-employment taxes, Mojay taxes and other obligations required by the law

Mojay Responsibilities

  • MOJAY shall provide the Ambassador with all documents and information (such as advertising and promotional material, samples and other selling aids or other data) as well as with technical advice which are reasonably required for the proper performance by Ambassador of its activities under this Agreement
  • MOJAY shall inform Ambassador in due time of reductions or changes of the Product, and in general inform Ambassador about the commercial strategy, prices and developments which may have important impact on the activities of Ambassador under this Agreement
  • MOJAY shall inform Ambassador of the appointment in the Territory of other Ambassadors, distributors, sales representatives or any other intervening person.
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