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Boasting a reputation of being ranked number 21 in the world for ease of doing business by the World Bank, #MyDubai gives you the opportunity to make it on your own, on your own terms. One of the key factors in any business is building relationships and at Mojay we believe that if you invest and nurture in them, half the win is accomplished. Let us be your Business Buddy and allow us to help you achieve your goals.

Company Formation

Company formation essentially means the process of incorporatingbusinessIt is also sometimes referred to as company registration, which is the procedure of legally incorporating a business. As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity.

HR Engagement

HR Services is one of the most complex areas of business operations. Finding ways to simplify the processes and share information quickly and easily with employees and managers is essential to business success. That is where we come in.

Corporate Secretarial Services

From incorporating a new company to managing compliance within a dynamic business environment. We are here to support our patrons with their administrative services. Mojay team has extensive experience in corporate housekeeping,

Mergers and Acquisitions

A major aspect of the corporate world, we can help in the consolidation of your company’s assets through various types of financial transactions.

Financial Advisory Services

Ensuring that your financial records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions they claim to represent is our right hand at play. We will examine your financial statements objectively.

Marketing & Advertising

Who is viewing you? How many followers do you have? Are you influencing your target audience? What content is reaching whom? Marketing is the most pervasive form of getting to your audience, your brand is disconnected without it. We will tell you how it’s done.

Helping You Set Up Your Business is Our Business

Starting a business can be confusing and time consuming but it doesn’t have to be we take care of all your business needs so you can focus on what is important- building your business. These are the services that we provide.

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Why Us

We have spent a significant amount of time in identifying the gaps in the industry with the help of some extensive market research. Bringing about a mini-revolution with disruptive technology is the goal we are after. Envisaging an opportunity is something that we have been trained to do at Mojay. Soon after that opportunity succeeds, we don’t stop there, like other businesses. Service is serious business and we understand that putting up your feet after a little taste of success is human nature. Doing that usually means your business may suffer what we like to call a ‘service seizure.’ Cautioning you is our job and we take our job seriously.

Track Progress

Investing not just your money but also your faith in us tells us that you trust us immensely. It is, therefore, your prerogative to be able to track your project’s progress. Just ask your business buddy.


It is not the journey, but the destination that is important to us too. The reverse is applicable to life’s musings, but when it comes to the corporate world, let’s get real. We all want the results, the money and the targets to be achieved. And achieved fast.

Buzz Sessions

Most genius ideas come either in our REM or in our deep sleep, a higher state of subconsciousness if you will. Of course, we are not suggesting you go to bed to get creative ideas for your business. Come talk to us about your ‘dreams!’

Business Virtues are everything

We play fair and we like to play by the laws and rules. No overstepping boundaries for us. We like to operate with integrity and honesty, and we believe that is the only way forward.

Tweaked just for you

If we can offer you bespoke services for your business, we have hit bull’s eye. Communicating the tiniest detail to us will help us help you achieve your business vision and goals. With your story and our services, we are bound to be bang on target.

Superior Solutions for our Patrons

Any undertaking comes replete with its share of roadblocks along the way. Mojay Corporate Services offers our patrons solutions that will not only eliminate the problem, but hopefully also offer a systemic guide to avoid making errors in the future.